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1. La Batalla De Boyca
2. El General Midi
3. Me Voy Pa'l Mar
4. Llama
5. Domingo Loving Style
6. Girlfriend In Providence
7. Todo El Voltaje
8. Break Tocaima
9. Matanza Funk
10. Almamzonica
11. Gaitana
12. Esmeraldena
13. Raimundo Llevate al Mundo
14. Get The Rec


Picotero Promo Clip

Native to the thriving musical nexus that is Bogota, Colombia, Monareta is an electronic duo that fuses danceable electro-cumbia, breakbeat and dub styles. The group was formed in 2000 when composer, producer and vocalist Andres Martinez started mixing break beats and hip hop flows with keyboardist Camilo Sanabria in different clubs and electronic music festivals throughout their hometown. Since then, the group has performed across the nation.

Monareta has released two digital albums, ‘Electronoche’ and ‘La Bonanza’, via Nacional Records’ digital label. In October, they will release their physical debut, ‘Picotero’ on Nacional. The group’s music has been featured in the soundtracks for movies like “La Mujer de Mi Hermano” and TV shows like mun2’s “Chicas Project”. They also have a new song in the soundtrack for the upcoming feature film “Pride & Glory” (Warner Pictures).